Friday, April 13, 2012

Carlsbad Flower Fields Forever

Normally in Carlsbad, California there is nothing sweeter than the 
strawberry fields.

But this lovely flower, 

the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus,

                                       is crazy in bloom right now

         at the Flower Fields of Carlsbad in Southern California until May 13.

 The annual rite of Spring at this flower farm includes 50 acres of flowers, 

although it looks like infinity and beyond. I couldn't see the end of this field 
and I can't even imagine how many blooms there might be at the moment.

When you walk up to the top of the field 
you can see a lovely view of the ocean.

And it is sweet, at this field of dreams, where hundreds of sweet peas

 form a maze to walk through.

In addition to acres of ranunculus blooms, there is a greenhouse of cymbidium orchids also on display. 

And I have to say,

even though there weren't nearly as many orchids as there were ranunculus

                      these beauties leave a sweet impression on me too
                                         This is Garden Envy.

                                             Copyright 2012.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful rainbow of color! Love that ranunculus.

  2. Hi Jeannine, even though we are living for four years now in San Diego, I have never been to the flower fields in Carlsbad. Your post certainly is inspiring to change that :-)! I didn't know that they were also growing Sweet Peas there and the cymbidium orchids exhibition is another great attraction, too!

    1. Hi Christina, I have only gone a few times myself in more than twenty years but it is an amazing sight! In fact, for you especially they have a test rose garden that you would probably be interested in. And, you can always combine the visit with a trip to the outlet mall right next to it. Oh, and you exit literally into the Armstrong Garden Center! Could be an expensive trip! Jeannine


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