Monday, August 27, 2012

The Osaka Japanese Garden Is Perfect Spot For Reflection In The Windy City

The Osaka Japanese Garden in Chicago is a small garden

tucked inside Jackson Park 

 behind the Museum of Science and Industry, south of the Loop and just off Lake Shore Drive.


It is set inside the larger Jackson Park but

it wasn't necessarily the easiest garden to locate (I was working from Google directions, but at the last minute I had to consult "Siri" on my daughter's iPhone). 

But once I found it
it was worth the effort to get there and slip into this small, pleasing retreat for a few moments of zen.

Water is a significant feature in this garden,

leaving lots of space for reflection.

It is a perfectly simple and lovely spot

to observe reflections on the water

or to take a few moments to reflect on the day

 or on your thoughts

and then let them flow,

like water under a bridge.

This is GardenEnvy. 
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