Monday, April 9, 2012

Monte Carlo Casino Gardens Are A Safe Bet

It is safe to say these gardens are beautiful.
And, that nothing else says Spring like red tulips.

This is one of two fountains surrounded by tulips blooming recently in the Casino Square Gardens, 

that is--the gardens across the street and in front of the famous Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco. 


The Casino, and the luxurious Hotel de Paris just to the right, are examples of architecture from the Belle Epoque--the beautiful era--in the late 1800's.  The Café de Paris (not shown) is just to the left of the casino and it is the perfect place to rendezvous and do what they do best in these parts--sit in cane chairs at a small round table and people watch with an expensive espresso at hand. 

And the gardens, in front of the casino and across the street (in fact, in this whole tiny nation) are a luxurious match to this trifecta of ultra chic.

Welcome to Monaco!  A nation tucked into the south of France on the beautiful Côte d'Azur and it is one square mile in size--the second smallest country in the world, after Vatican City.

The country is wealthy and luxurious. Aston Martins, Mercedes and cars I've never heard of with fancy crests and shiny ornaments line the curb outside of the Hotel de Paris. The Mediterranean climate is mild with sunny skies. The gardens are lush and this city is planted so well that it seems one garden just blends into another.

Even the police station across the street is a petite, elegant structure integrated into the garden.

But back to the tulips.

There are plenty to enjoy and all perfectly in bloom 
for our day trip from Nice, France. 
And although swaths of red tulips add the touch of glamour that ground these gardens like the sole of a Christian Louboutin shoe,

I have to say that I fell head over heels for these pale pink and white tulips. 
It's as if the pink was painted in with the sweep of a brush stroke.

I also like this simple design of unmatched terra cotta pots nestled into a comfy bed of ivy.

The tall palms are impeccably accessorized with tiny white lights here, 
and although I did not see the garden at night I bet it looks spectacular.

          Lots of large, mature trees--like this remarkable Magnolia--fill this garden and line the streets of Monaco, adding a stately elegance to pair with all of the ornate buildings and those balconies decked out with black wrought iron.

          Indeed, a glamorous spot to take that call on your mobile while soaking up the view of the city and that gorgeous coast.

          So if luck has it that you find yourself in Monte Carlo for a day with the jet setters, be sure to take a chance on the one ultra luxury that this upscale nation has to offer on the cheap.

                                       Lush green designer gardens

                                        filled with stunning palm trees,

birds of paradise,

fancy garden ornaments, sparkling fountains and seasonal blooms.

                   Like me, I think it will leave you feeling lucky that you did.

                           This is GardenEnvy. Copyright by jayro 2012.