Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mission Hills Garden Designs Bring The Indoors Outside

Garden furniture. Outdoor rooms.
Apparently, that is mostly what I noticed during 
some of the garden walks I took around San Diego this year.

My last post, about the La Jolla Secret Garden Tour,
 featured my fascination with tablescapes in the garden,
and after the Mission Hills Garden Walk on May 12,
I came home with lots of pictures of sofas, chairs and dining tables.

Furnishing the back yard and patio like an extension of your indoor living space is useful in a mild climate like San Diego, where we can comfortably garden and use the patio all year.

And, by way of explanation, I guess there is good reason my eyes wandered from the plants and zeroed in on furniture--since I have been considering furnishings for my own yard this year.

This garden is decked out in earthy tones, repeating the color scheme of the house, and was a highlight of the Mission Hills garden walk. Though it seems to be just your average size urban lot,
 there is room here for vines,


 shrubs, small trees, a water feature, a fireplace, outdoor grilling and lots of furniture--clearly designed for entertaining and relaxation. Sort of like a great room, but it's outdoors instead.

 Seating included a concrete garden bench (above) softened with pillows,

 a set of weathered wood chairs around the outdoor fireplace

 and even traditional rockers on the deck.

The deck also includes this banquette bench flanked with outdoor curtains.
 This garden has it all. And it works nicely.

It is an eyeopener to see just how much you could do in a small space.
 The distressed wood dining table seats ten, mismatched chairs but coordinated fabrics, and is encircled with thyme planted in between the flagstone. 
Hands down, this was my favorite thing on the whole tour.

In addition to the long table, there are several bistro table sets, of various styles, tucked into small nooks throughout the garden. I loved the idea of adding tables for two, perfect for mingling on a smaller scale or having that morning coffee while reading your email.
 (Since this garden walk, I have already added a bistro set to my own patio.)

 I was captivated by the gates too, both the simple wood lattice entrance covered in flowering vines and this fantastic medieval-like wood and iron door. Both make me want to see what lies beyond.  

Another one of my favorites on the tour is this historic, prairie-style 1916 Mission Hills home.

I enjoyed it both for the gardens and, again, for the outdoor living space

that features a contemporary yet classic fireplace and sofa grouping. Though I usually leave garden tours inspired to be a better gardener, this tour inspired me to think about how to make my own outdoor space feel more like a comfortable indoor room. Living space where I can also enjoy my garden.

Now I can't wait to redecorate!

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