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Garden Hopping Over The Hills And Through The Canyons In Poway, California (Part Two)

One of the nice things about garden tours
 is the opportunity to see communities I haven't seen before. Poway, north and inland from San Diego, was the location for the San Diego Horticultural Society's annual garden tour last weekend and it was the first time I had reason to visit--even though I've lived in San Diego for decades. I spent the day visiting six gorgeous gardens on the tour (see my favorite one here), but I learned Poway is beautiful from one side of town to the other.

Poway feels a little bit city and a little bit country. Most of the gardens on this tour have beautiful views of hills, mountains and canyons. This one, in a front yard with a stunning hedge of red bougainvillea and a rock rose plant,

can be seen from this bench, surrounded by a sea of purple statice and white alyssum.

The backyard continues to border the hilltop lookout
with an inviting flagstone path lined with California poppies, statice,
agave and a beautiful native shrub, 

 Ceanothus,"Yankee Point."

There are lots of reasons to stop and linger in this garden,
 but I still had more gardens to tour.

In this native garden, a tall glass of icy lemonade under the olive tree would be welcomed. This is a garden bent on activity as well as beauty. It features a trampoline, swimming pool and an indoor room with pool table, ping pong and exercise machines.

Oh, and a bocce ball court and hiking trail.

Amongst all the Cleveland sage, it is a garden with an untamed and adventurous feel. It was chosen in 2011 as Garden of the Year by the San Diego Home and Garden magazine.

It is where I met and fell in love with this large shrub in bloom, Fremontodendron 
'California Glory,' also known as Flannel Bush. Spring flowers bloom in yellow but turn orange as they fade; together with green leaves set against the blue sky, this California native commanded attention.

Beyond this gate (moving on to the next garden)

is a breathtaking wildflower garden that I did not see coming as I walked through a neatly trimmed and grass covered side yard.

 But then I found myself standing in an unstructured field of flowers blooming everywhere I looked. Red and yellow nasturtiums clamor freely over a bench and chair. As much as I do love manicured and formal gardens of clipped boxwood and topiary, I enjoy this feeling of being surrounded by a riot of bright colors and plants, sprawling vines, hearing the birds chirp and bees buzz. Now this is a great place to spend a morning with a cup of coffee, strolling in your pjs and slippers, just to see what's blooming in the garden!

There are hundreds of California poppies

and a flowering tree that compelled everybody who saw it to snap a photo and ask, "What is that tree?"  Answer: Tabebuia impetiginosa, or Pink Trumpet tree because that describes the shape and color of the bloom. 

Next up I hiked up a long, steep hill for yet one more garden. I was becoming hungry and thirsty and I was hoping this would be worth the climb. It was, because on the way, I saw this yucca, several of them, in bloom with orchid-like flowers. (I didn't even know that yuccas bloom! Hmm, at least I think it is a yucca--if you know please tell me!)

The views and plants were gorgeous on the way up,

 especially the pincushion proteas blooming close to the property.

The interesting thing about this home is that it sits on a mountain and the owner incorporated the boulders that were present into the design,

both in the front 

and back of the home.

Finally, the rose garden (above) and the plant conservatory (below) was my favorite in the last garden of the day for me, where I also purchased three sterile hybrid alstromerias and one Cape Sweet Pea vine from the plant vendor on site.

So for the rose lovers, I present:

the Playboy Floribunda 

and Rugosa Alba, which were both in bloom and looking perfect!

And this is GardenEnvy.

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  1. What an amazing garden and such views - certainly different from the typical English gardens I am used to seeing. I haven't heard of most of the plants you mention but love the California Poppies in their natural home.

    1. The poppies are beautiful! Thanks for your visit, Jeannine

  2. Wow. I have been to a number of gardens in the San Diego area and north toward San Clemente. I had not been to your area posted today. Again - you make me want to get up and move to California. I've always loved it our your way, especially again today. We are going to have snow this afternoon. That will make it seven days in a row. Where is Spring?

    1. Spring is definitely here! Thanks for your visit, Jeannine

  3. Thanks for taking us along to another garden tour, the area and the gardens are lovely! A beautiful part of California we have never seen featured before (or at least remember).

  4. Perfect is the word for this tour...that hilltop outlook is just gorgeous and all those poppies. And I love the pool. Another stunning outlook.

  5. Hi Jeannine, what a great garden tour! I love the vistas that most of the gardens are having. They add so much atmosphere and depth to a garden. You can't beat borrowed views, especially if they are that pretty! I really love the wild flower garden parts as well, what an abundance of color, structure, texture and I am sure wildlife. I can almost here the birds... I am surprised that rugosa alba was looking that good. Rugosas usually don't like alkaline soil and water and that is what we have here. I had to part from my rugosas, because of that reason.

  6. What gorgeous gardens! I have fond memories of purple statice growing near my house in so Cal when I was a kid. I love how free and welcoming the top gardens are. :o) Thanks for the tour!

  7. Phew, that is quite some garden tour, and I love that Flannel Bush.

  8. Quel chance de pouvoir visiter autant de beaux jardins. Je vais revenir voir votre joli blog. Merci!

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! Merci beaucoup! Jeannine

  9. One wow isn't enough... wow! I love the open gateway and half played game of bocce as it makes me want to join in. And oh, to have a pool and view like that...

  10. All are so beautiful, but I think I like the unexpected wildflower garden best!

  11. What gorgeous photos and scenery, and plants! I love the California poppies; I've grown these and they're terrific. A very inspiring garden tour.


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