Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hats Off To Point Loma Gardens!

The Point Loma Garden Walk on April 27, 2013 was a great mix of cottage gardens,

front yards with more flower borders and 

a lot less lawn. Point Loma is a neighborhood located next to the Pacific Ocean and
 the San Diego International Airport.

There were small sized but lush gardens, backyards with large pools,

and tables decked out for dining next to the fireplace in the outdoor room.

Visitors to this backyard commented that they

felt transported to a tropical paradise, if only momentarily,

since a courtyard off of the bedroom of this same home is inspired by Japanese-styled gardens.

Next, my favorite feature in this colorful and large garden on the tour is this beautiful vegetable garden,

which just made me want to grow more veggies better;

not only for the organic and healthy farm to table
 benefit, but for the ornamental value,

the color

and even the edible flowers.

This Craftsman style home has beautiful borders, both in front

and in back.

And then there is the sculptor's artistic garden, which featured several pieces of his work.

Finally, because I am currently in my Downton Abbey phase and preparing for my 

niece's upcoming 'Mad Hatter' themed baby shower, 

I couldn't help snapping up photos of hats  

at this garden walk

and others I have recently attended.
 But, it's hats off--as they say--to the Point Loma Garden Club;
so many gardens on this tour to envy!

This is GardenEnvy.

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  1. Jeannine these gardens are what I love about CA...such beautiful private gardens, views and weather....

  2. Garden envy, indeed! I have never owned or even wanted a swimming pool, but i have to admit it adds a lot to a beautiful garden. Imagine having all that and the ocean nearby, too!

  3. Also, Jeannine, thanks for your comment on my own post! You asked if bluebird houses are different from others. The main difference is that the entrance hole needs to be 1.5 inches in diameter, while other birds have different requirements.


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