Friday, June 14, 2013

Get Thee To The Getty Garden In Los Angeles

                        The central garden at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is both garden and art. It was designed by artist Robert Irwin who started planning it in 1992.

 Three iron bowers filled with bougainvilleas are a beautiful feature here

and one of my favorites. Placed together in a triangular format they create a small shaded patio at the end of the 'zig zag garden' that is built around a small ravine.

I was here just a couple of weeks ago during the first week of June. I have been here before and the bougainvillea stands out in my mind from two previous visits. It is a perfect display for this large, thorny and showy vine.

 The brilliant hues of bougainvillea against the all-white museum building and blue skies made me think of my visit to Greece, where this vine is a standout for the same reasons.

They are stunning, especially against white backgrounds.

The maze of azaleas floating on a pond of water is another stunning feature at this garden. This is beautiful in green and must be amazing in early spring when the flowers are blooming! 

 I love seeing this maze from all angles, whether from under the angel's trumpet,

surrounded by the colorful garden,

or with the waterfall in the background.

 Engraved at the Getty museum garden is Irwin's statement, "Always changing, never twice the same." Of course, that is one of the attractions to gardens--living art, always a work in progress and, in this climate, available year round. So I plan to get back here when those azaleas are in bloom.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jeannine, does look wonderful. And the structures does look like the source of inspiration for the super trees at gardens by the bay in Singapore

    1. I agree! I always think of that when I see the photos of Singapore on your blog. Jeannine

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your visit, glad you enjoyed it. Jeannine

  3. Stunning is an understatement and your pictures show the art and beauty

  4. I wish I could grow bougainvillea like that! Well, I wish I could grow bougainvillea full stop, but they would not survive the winter in my garden. Thanks for the walk-about, I enjoyed it :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for visiting! Jeannine

  5. Hi Jeannine, I have seen some similar iron bowers in the Albuquerque Botanical Garden. There they were used to let climbing roses grow in them and then spill over the edges at the top. I am wondering who inspired whom first ;-)! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm sure they would look beautiful with climbing roses too! Jeannine

  7. Stunning, especially the bougainvillea display.


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