Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Norton Simon Museum Sculpture Garden Carves Memorable Moments

The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California is a remarkable private collection and 
study in art, with paintings by the European masters: Renoir,
van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Italian artwork from the Renaissance.

It is also a study of sculpture:

 sculpture in a garden.

Suddenly, from different perspectives the combinations of plants and sculpture, and variations in light carve a new dimension that you can't experience inside a museum.

The soft twilight, the purple hue of the Jacaranda blooms and the reflections on the pond painted a romantic glow last Friday evening.

There is a small treasure trove of Rodin sculptures placed in the front of the museum that initially sets the stage

but the back garden steals this show.

It was an unplanned stroll through a lovely garden and art museum with my husband
 last Friday evening;

one of those things that just sort of worked out spontaneously when we arrived in town around the dinner hour and learned that the museum is open late on Friday nights. And, as we learned when we got there, admission is free on the first Fridays of the month.

As I said, one of those things that just worked out.

 I love when that happens.

A memorable evening of great art and a beautiful garden in Pasadena.
And there is nobody else that I would rather share these moments with.

This is GardenEnvy.

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  1. Some fabulous sculptures there with planting schemes that are just as lovely, complementing each other!

  2. The sculptures are lovely. They really enhance the garden, and the plants enhance the sculptures. This is the type of museum I would love to see. What a wonderful surprise to find that they are open late on Fridays, and free one Friday of the month!

    1. It was great! Thanks for your visit! Jeannine

  3. Perfect timing for you, and the lighting in your photos is magical. The sculpture is highlighted wonderfully.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and your visit! Jeannine

  4. I got to visit this garden and museum two years ago when I visited L.A. I have photos on my blog somewhere. What is the blue flowering tree?

    1. It is the jacaranda tree and it is gorgeous; it blooms all over Southern California in the end of May and for a few weeks in June. Thanks for your visit, Jeannine

  5. I just love the iron bowers filled with bougainvilleas! What a brilliant and creative way to display a flowering vine.

  6. Those are some very good clicks!! Thanks for the share!


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