Saturday, February 15, 2014

Glassy Eyed In Seattle's Chihuly Garden And Glass

The combination of two Seattle icons

 was the unexpected highlight of a visit to one of my favorite American cities this past weekend. My husband and I were celebrating a belated
anniversary and an early Valentine's Day in the emerald city. When I learned about the exhibit, of course, I knew we had to see it.

The Needle, at Seattle Center, is an appropriate backdrop for Dale Chihuly's 
"Gardens And Glass," which opened here in 2012.

The glass artist was born in Tacoma, Washington.

This is a vibrant display of the artist's unique talent of making colorful blown glass sculptures, combined with his appreciation of gardens and his love of conservatories.

I have seen his glass several times before, including in Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory and in other locations in Seattle before. Chihuly also studied in Italy and has had major exhibitions of his work at the Louvre in Paris, Venice, Jerusalem and England. 

Inside the Seattle exhibit, "Mille Fiori," (or a thousand flowers) is jaw dropping. 
 It was inspired by memories of his mother's garden.

I think I see glass that resembles an aloe plant.

This display, the Ikebana and Float Boats, is also in a dark room like Mille Fiori and built on black glass to mirror the image.

And this, the Persian ceiling, made me think that Chihuly may very well be the 
Michelangelo of glass.

When Chihuly started designing glass, he was inspired by patterns in baskets and colorful textiles of Native Americans.

He builds pieces together to create large sculptures that hang like chandeliers.

We had the opportunity to see the garden after a snowfall the night before. Even in the dismal gray of winter, there is a sense of wonder in Chihuly's garden.

Snow, the gray skies of Seattle and Chihuly glass adds a remarkable artistic dimension to this winter garden you won't see anywhere else.

 As 'Ron Burgundy' might say, you stay glassy, Seattle.

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  1. I adore glass and have both together is a bonus I will have to see.

  2. I absolutely recommend it, Donna. Fascinating! There is some interesting film there, too, about how his work is put together.

  3. Hi Jeannine, how nice that you got to do a little getaway trip with your husband to Seattle! Wow, the glass objects that Chihuly creates are just stunning! The winter scene of the garden with the orange and blue glass sculptures is pure magic. I would love to have a piece or two of these in my garden as well, they don't even have to be Chihuly originals ;-). I have seen similar glass objects on another garden blog and they were bought in Seattle. Did you get anything for your garden? Have a lovely President's Day weekend!

    1. Hi Christina, in fact there is an opportunity to purchase Chihuly glass and his artwork on paper that he paints as a blueprint of a design (also beautiful). Prices seemed to go between $2000 to $6000! I could see a gorgeous blue and white Chihuly in your garden! Alas, I did not purchase one for my garden. Jeannine

  4. This glass garden is beautiful, and with the snow, it is double beautiful! Thanks!!!

    1. I thought the snow was definitely a bonus! Thanks for your visit! Jeannine

  5. We love his work Jeannine, thanks for sharing!

  6. I love Chihuly's work! I have not seen his display in Seattle, but if I get a chance, I will certainly seek it out. His "Mille Fiori" exhibit is astonishing.


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