Monday, August 18, 2014

Villa Cimbrone Rocks A View

The garden of Villa Cimbrone, in Ravello, Italy, 

has simple elegance,
 and a killer background.

American writer Gore Vidal once noted, "The most beautiful sight that I have ever seen in the world is the panoramic view from Villa Cimbrone on a bright winter's day, when the sky and the sea are so vividly blue that it is not possible to distinguish them from each other."

After all, why fool with Mother Nature?

Rustic pots and a stone wall combine with mountain ranges

manicured shrubs mix with tall evergreens.

This villa, dating back to the 11th century, is now a hotel. 

It has splendor and charm,


and romance,

 and Italian stone pines that frame a view of the city built into the hills.

Villa Cimbrone is worth a visit, whether you are going for a luxurious weekend 

or just a luxurious stroll in a garden with a view.

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