Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chihuly Garden And Glass Springs To Life

After a frustrating glitch pulled GardenEnvy 

from the blogosphere for weeks, I am happy to say that I'm back in the saddle again---oops, I mean, back in Seattle, again. And, I'm doing what I love: blogging about gardens.

You might recall my recent winter visit with this lucky guy to Seattle Center's Chihuly Garden And Glass. We were belatedly celebrating an anniversary, and having a pre-Valentine's Day fling in the Pacific northwest to keep the marital flames burning brightly. 

We found them glowing here, in this snow covered garden--an enjoyable, albeit out of the ordinary,  garden visit for me.

Then I revisited the Chihuly garden a few months later, in the beginning of May. Of course, I found spring bursting out all over, as they say. Let's face it, spring was made for gardens; or, should it be: gardens were made for spring?

The snow provided beauty in its own right, but the plantings were a mystery and as much I liked seeing snow, I was itching to know what plants would fill this garden. 
This electrifying glass sun is on a bed of black mondo grass! 

Bright tulips echoed the colors of that blown glass.

It was difficult not to focus on all of the tulips, since I do not get to see these elegant flowers grow in the Southwest.

Dark contrasted with bright and this was repeated in the garden, both with the glass and the plant material.

 My only disappointment was the realization that the only camera I had with me was my iPhone.


Actually, it wasn't too bad; I still captured some of my favorite scenes.
And I realized I had to make the best of it.

Since my hubby was not with me to take my picture in the garden, I made use of the popular feature of the iPhone.  So next thing you know, it was selfie this

and selfie that.

But, back to the garden. Of course, being the Pacific northwest, one would anticipate rhododendrons like these to make an appearance in the Chihuly garden,

and, of course, stunning Japanese maples would be a given.

And with these patriotic hues of red, white and blue, it is a good time to wish everyone in the States a happy Memorial Day holiday!

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